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That I understand and accept that I am responsible for payment of any costs that are not the responsibility of the Body Corporate/HOA in terms of the STMA, 2011 (Act No.8 of 2011) and/or Articles of Association; To settle any amounts not covered by the insurance claim within 48 hours of being requested to do so; That I have read the scheme insurance policy and am familiar with the applicable limits of cover; That should I need to peruse a copy of the insurance policy, this is available to me for download via the WeConnectU portal; That neither Residentia Trust nor the Body Corporate/HOA take any responsibility for any damages caused. The onus rests on the me as the owner to prevent any further damages as far as possible; That the onus rests on me as the owner to timeously complete and return the necessary insurance claim form to Residentia Trust to assist with any claims, and should I not complete the claim and ensure the necessary documents have been submitted, that the claim may be rejected and I as the owner will be liable for the full cost of the claim. Should this form not be completed in full, signed and submitted, Residentia Trust nor the Body Corporate/HOA will be able to assist with this maintenance request.

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